Thursday, February 22, 2007

Apple Hardware Rumors Galore!

The Apple rumors just keep piling up. Slated for release within a few months is:

  • 8-core Mac Pros with a smaller case, better cooling, a blu-ray burner, and 1 GB VRAM

  • Black 24" iMacs

  • 50" Apple displays and all Apple displays to support HDMI/HDCP

  • 15" Macbooks

  • Macbook Nano with a Solid State Drive and no disc drive

  • Flash-Based iPod videos

So the only computers that aren't rumored to be upgraded are the Macbook Pro, Mac Mini(which is definately due for an update), and the Xserve(Which no consumers really care about anyways). BRING IT ON APPLE, BRING IT ON!

New iMacs and Mac Pros Rumored

According to MacScoop, Apple will release an 8-Core Mac Pro(no word yet on whether it will be the smaller design with vents on top), and a black 24" iMac. I'm so excited that I could just eat popcorn and post blog entries while wearing only boxers. Oh wait...I'm already doing that.

Next Gen Mac Pros' to Have 1 GB of VRAM

According to AppleInsider, the next generation Mac Pros will have the option privilege pleasure to adorn the ATI X2800XT. This card has 1 GB of GDDR4 memory and runs at a speedy 2 GHz. Also, it has CrossFire technology, so you can have multiple X2800XTs in your beast.