Monday, March 19, 2007

Canon HD Camcorder / Digital Camera

This isn't really Apple related, but it would be the perfect companion for that shiny new Mac you just bought. The Canon Powershot TX1 not only can record in 720P HD, but also can take 7.1 MP photos. Other features are 10x optical zoom, face detection technology, a D!G!C processor, and ISO 80-1600 settings. And the icing on the cake is that it only costs $500!

This is a high-end digital camera that would easily cost you $300 alone and a high-end HD camcorder, which would easily cost $800 alone. Add it up, would you rather a separate camera and camcorder for $1,100, or a Canon all-in-one digital studio for less than half the price.

This camcorder will encourage other companies to lower the prices and up the quality on their camcorders, which will make non-HD camcorders obsolete due to the lack in difference of price between the two.