Thursday, February 8, 2007

All iPods to be Flash-Based by 08?

According to analyst Jesse Tortora, Apple will start converting all of the iPods over to SSD(Solid State Disk) to replace the "outdated" HDD(Hard Disk Drive). He also states that they will have the same touchscreen as the iPhone, Wi-Fi, and GPS. If the price stays the same, this may be a nice iPhone alternative. What does this mean for you? Faster load times for movies, web browsing, Google Maps, and a much longer battery life.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I just read that this morning. I think it will be awesome, hopefully they dont lose their concept of a digital music player sinc ethats what mede it famous, but at the same time it get better. Im hoping the WIFI is real stuff and not like the crap the Zune tried to give us. Good Blog dude, you just need to spread the word out and then you should have some good traffic going.