Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New iMac in May?

Apple Insider has reported that the iMac has been redesigned and the new slimmer version will probably be released in May, along with Leopard. So is this the rumored black iMac, or an aluminum iMac that I predict?

Apple Insider also stated that Apple will drop the 17" model. This will probably lower the price of the 20" and the 24" iMac. So if you want to get an iMac, just wait a month or two.

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eduardrz from youtube said...

Hi! I love your PodCast! It's awsome! I watch every episode on iTunes, but I'm still a Windows user :(.
The new iMac it's awsome too! It made from Aluminium and Glass. The 17" model dosen't exists anymore, it's replaced by the 20" model with lower Cpu Speed/ Ram/ HD Space etc.
Well, that's all that I have to say!
P.S. If my english is bad sorry, I'm from Romania!